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Information Technology (IT) is no longer just a "support" function. Today, IT is expected to drive innovation, revenue and results – but leveraging technology effectively is seldom easy. For IT executives, the pace of internal and external change is grueling - with new technologies and business opportunities continually emerging. But by the time IT infrastructures have been adapted or expanded, such opportunities are often missed. In fact, for many firms, just addressing day-to-day support requirements strains limited in-house IT resources.


Managed IT services allow you to enjoy the business advantages of outsourcing - including predictable costs, reliable service and the ability to redeploy IT resources to more strategic initiatives. However, with managed IT services, you remain in control of your applications and data. These services simply offload key IT management responsibilities in a wide range of areas, such as security, network, storage and replication, to a trusted partner. With managed IT services, you can enjoy a single point of contact and accountability for providing required levels of availability - without sacrificing control over your IT environment.

Netelligent Group's support and maintenance is designed for companies and organizations that need a complete ICT solution. We provide an efficient and hassle-free approach to computer system maintenance. The emphasis is preventative, rather than curative. Our practices and procedures are designed to safeguard networks against system failure.


Data management and preventative maintenance of information systems are pivotal to the economic success of a modern business. Yet the maintenance of existing systems if often neglected, leading to costly consequences in the event of downtime. The key is to have a reliable and trusted partner in Information Technology that will be there when you need them.

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